Tuesday, August 10, 2010

P.S. I Loathe You

This book is the last one I will be analyzing as school will be starting soon. I will be doing things a little differently this time. Instead of posting comments under each sentence or phrase I will be commenting once and listing the parts where the abuse is occurring. I hope I have not been "too nit picky" but I had to point out where to find these things in girls. Again, if your daughter is a tween or will be approaching this age group then please show them this and talk to them about not getting stressed or feeling as if they have to follow their friends. Most importantly, talk to them about being their own person with their own decisions and minds. Our nation promises these rights to us and nobody should give these up to cater to a Queen Bee. If your child is a Queen Bee please do something. You do not want her to become what Massie has become. Falling from a throne can be just as traumatic as being abused by peers. It is vital that people understand that.

This book shows every bit the monster that Massie has become. We see her entitlement and control here. Also, her lack of empathy and respect for those around her. Her abuse has reached an all time high and is out of control. Layne and Dune stand up to Massie at the end and people are losing their charm for her including her friends. Who are we to blame? Everyone around her. Adults turned a blind eye and excused it. Her peers ah-dored her and her friends followed her blindly. A dog is treated better than the way she treats Claire yet Claire was willing to risk her own anxiety and live in fear to be a part of this group. At the end of the day is it worth it? Lisi Harrison may not be an expert in this field but shes had the psychology down to a fine art.

Massie gets to school early so she can make fun of the ex-crushes who would be housed in the Tiffany's trailers. However, these trailers are decorated as regular buildings. Massie also insists on The PC walking in formation across the parking lot. The trailers were not supposed to be made over and The PC was not suppose to be impressed by them according to Massie.

Massie states that the boy-fast did not work because The PC was hawt times ten. They had great looks, style and personality. At the end of the day the boys could not resist them.

Massie makes a comment about Kristen not living in a home after The PC has decided to do online shopping after school. It is a comment in the form of Kristen not having a home as she is poor and lives in an apartment. The comment was rude and even The PC noticed she went too far.

Dylan has gotten detention with Derrington who was Massies 7th grade boyfriend. It turns out that the two are having fun cleaning cars as punishment and sense an attraction. However, because Massie dated him the year before he was still "hers" and Dylan was not allowed to like him.

Layne and Kristen became secret friends over the summer. They had formed a Witty Committee and had a lot of fun together. However, because Massie does not like Layne then Kristen has to keep the friendship a secret. Layne calls Kristen after school and Kristen freaks because Massie could have been there. Massie cannot find out that they are friends.

One day at lunch Layne comes over to the table (remember she has two friends that are in The PC and one friendship is secret) where the girls are sitting. She is wearing a fedora with feathers on it. Massie makes a nasty comment to her. Layne mentions that Teen Vogue is doing a feature article in the DIY section. Massie replies with Disease Infected Youth implying that this is Layne. Only Dylan high fives Massie. Also, Derrington is hanging around trying to get Dylan's attention and Massie keeps complaining that Derrington keeps hanging around trying to get her attention because he misses her so much. The reality is he is so over Massie but her narcissism will not let it go. Alicia is not there as she is doing announcements.

Massie sprays Chanel No. 19 on Derrington's hood on his jacket. Layne sees her do this. Massie fires her a text that she has marked him as hers and the only way anyone else can have him is if she spills water on him. She also lets Dylan know this.

Kristen is hosting the weekly sleepover instead of Massie. Kristen has a cat named David Beckham. When Massie comes she brings her dog Bean. Beckham was sitting on Kristen's bed which is his territory. Massie lets Bean out of her bag and puts her on the bed where Beckham is. Beckham gets scared and hides under the bed. Bean gets comfortable where Beckham was sitting. Massie states that Beckham needs to go in her parents room until she learns to deal with Bean being the top animal. This makes Kristen upset but of course nobody helps her. The reason for the sleepover at Kristen's is because Dempsey lives in the same building and Massie likes him.

At the sleepover, Massie lets the girls know that whomever likes Derrington will have to deal with her as she finds out someone likes him. Nobody is allowed to have Derrington until she throws water on him. Also, she lets Dylan know that she is jealous of her because she has a crush and Dylan does not. Dylan does but its Derrington and she is the girl that Massie was speaking of having to deal with her for liking him.

Massie and The PC decide to form a cheer leading squad. Despite Alicia being the best dancer Massie will not allow any of her ideas and they are not acceptable. The PC will be on the squad and she will pick LBR's to be on the bottom of the pyramids.

At cheerleader auditions, Massie is in complete control. She does not have time to audition everyone so The PC can pick one person each to audition. Kristen picks a younger girl Ripple and Ripple ah-dores Massie. However, Massie finds Ripple to be a nuisance and yells her out of the gym. Alicia picks Olivia Ryan but because Massie does not like her and she liked Claires boyfriend Cam that she screams her out of the gym. Olivia calls her a fear leader and Massie has some snappy comeback. Layne and some guy Massie has dubbed McNugget will be on the squad with The PC.

At the game Massie is in full control. Alicia tries to add moves to the routines and Massie keeps cutting her down. Massie has pom-poms made of feathers and Layne is allergic to them. Instead of being an understanding person and trying another alternative, Massie gives Layne a terrible time and gets mad that she has to see the Nurse for this. After the game Dylan sees Derrington in the stands and kisses him. She is terrified that Massie will see them. Alicia sees them and snaps a picture.

At the sleepover Massie senses something is up. She uses manipulation in a game to find out. Alicia mentions that Dylan has a new crush but Massie thinks its Chris Abeley to Dylan's relief.

The cheerleaders and guys hang out at Rye Play land. Dune has noticed Massie's abuse and asks Kristen why Massie is so mean. Kristen wants to say either because Massie thinks its funny, she has to put others down because she thinks she so important, she was just kidding around and to stop being so judgemental but says none of these things to Dune. She cannot speak her mind. Layne likes Dempsey as does Massie so the two girls fight over him all day.

Layne gets sick in the park and throws up. It gets on Massie and Massie is furious. She insists Kristen keep Layne away from her and that this is all Kristen's fault. Dempsey is concerned for Layne and asks Kristen if she is okay. Kristen breaks and bursts into tears.

Dylan and Derrington are texting one evening. She lets Derrington know that they cannot be together because he is still Massies. Massie sprayed him with perfume and until she throws water on him then nobody can have him. Derrington thinks this is stupid. They decide to get detention together so they can hang out legally meaning not letting Massie find out.

The next day at lunch, Derrington starts a food fight by throwing food at Dylan. Massie gets involved as well. Massie states that Derrington needs to get over her already. Dylan thinks that Massie needs to get over herself but says nothing. Dylan says that maybe she should just let Derrington "go" since she has no interest in him. Massie refuses because that vamp is on the loose. The three get detention together. After detention, Dylan and Massie are talking. Massie says Derrington could never like Dylan because she is a big boned beta. Remember, Dylan has weight issues. Massie does not apologize despite Dylan being hurt by the comment.

At the next game, people are holding up #1 signs cheering for Massie. Alicia tries again to get some of her dance moves in and Massie once again fights with her. Derrington is seen smiling at Dylan and Massie gets suspicious. Alicia starts leading again and she and Massie get into a physical fight where Massie is calling her an amateur and that she cannot dance. During this shuffle, Massie bumps into Dempsey on the field and causes him to hurt himself. Layne runs over to him to make sure he is okay along with others. Massie is mad because nobody is paying attention to her. As she and Dempsey have not kissed yet and because her image is so important to her she does not go over and express concern for Dempsey. The crowd starts to BOO her As Layne did the human thing with Dempsey Massie kicks her off of the squad along with McNugget. Once again, Massie thinks everyone in the stands are loving her but Alicia points out that they are BOO'ing her by calling her "Curse! Curse! Curse!"

After the game, Layne and Dune are visiting Kristen. Kristen is a nervous wreck because she fears Massie finding out Layne is over there plus has lost Dunes shark tooth. Turns out Layne has the shark tooth but will not give it to her unless she helps her get Dempsey despite Massie liking him. Layne has brought a basket of goodies for Dempsey and Massie shows up with a suitcase full of goodies for Dempsey. Massie unlocks the door as she has her own key (she had it made without asking anyone when she slept over at Kristens) and finds everyone inside. Dune comes out stating that Kristen hung out with Layne during the summer and that they are friends. Also, that she was going to help Layne get Dempsey. Most importantly, Layme (as Massie calls her) is a much better friend than Assie (which Dune calls Massie). Massie is furious and lets go of a lot of verbal abuse. Layne is mad and goes home. Dune is mad and goes home. Massie feels betrayed by Kristen.

Massie then goes to Alicias and finds her with a new group called The Heartnets where Alicia is trying to form her own cheer leading squad because Massie was so controlling before. Massie again feels betrayed and is furious.

The next night Dylan shows up at the sleepover. Neither Alicia or Kristen are there. However, Dylan is not alone as she brings Derrington and wants Massie to release the hold she has had on her. Once again, Massie is furious and screams Dylan off of her property. Dylan begs to still be friends but Massie will have none of it. Later on Claire shows up with Cam. After he leaves, the two girls are spending time playing in the pool.

Massie has no concerns or cares about her other friends. Besides, she will have a brand new clique on Monday when school starts.

Again, I thank you for reading. There is a book after this where Massie hires models to be her friends. Nobody else is good enough for her. The PC make up at the end of the book. We see that Massie has fallen from her throne. Many times, Queen Bee's feel lost once they are dethroned. Many times after their former "subjects" will release a lot of anger by getting others against her. It can get very ugly and at the end of the day there are no winners but a lot of damaged girls. I will keep this blog up so feel free to use it as a reference. Have a good back to school experience everyone!

Disclaimer: I do not own these books. They belong to Lisi Harrison and everyone at Poppy Books.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bratfest at Tiffany's

Its a new school year and the 8th grade. The boys from Briarwood have come over to OCD until their school is renovated. The PC has been away from each other during the summer so its the first day back. As they were dumped by the boys at the end of the year party Massie has decided that they are on a boy fast. No boys but BFF's first and always. She gives them charm bracelets from Tiffany's to let them know that they are the NPC and that is New Pretty Committee. Anyone breaking the boy fast is out of the NPC.

We are seeing results of the monster these girls have created in Massie. They are not allowed to like boys? If they do something that is human and normal for their age then they loose their friends?

The NPC walks into the cafeteria for their Welcome Back! assembly. They make a late entrance on purpose and go to the reserved table that Claire saved before school. As they thought they would be worshipped like last year they are shocked that people are staring at them and look annoyed. They sit down, start texting and do not understand why they are not ah-dored by their fans. Massie has decided it is the boys being there that has made them loose their thrones per say. She notices that her friends are noticing them and reigns them in and quickly reminding them that they are to go on this boyfast or loose their place in the NPC.

We are seeing what happens when a Queen gets dethroned. Listen, you are doing a girl so much more harm by building her up so much than you are abusing another one. As you see, she will eventually fall and because the boys are there that they are not on top. Massie is doing all she can to hold on to this status. Even if it means trying to stop being human. Its normal for girls this age to notice boys! If a girl has been going to school without boys then yes, them being there is a huge deal. Massie's control is evident here.

Alicia is doing announcements during lunch again and this time a boy named Josh comes into the booth with her. He was told by his friends to ignore The PC because they were spies and stalkers. He told them to get over it and nobody was the wiser or really cared. Alicia admitted that in her world it was not that easy. She would endure banishment and the wrath of Massie if she decided to like a boy.

Should these kids have to worry about being normal? The boys have a healthy attitude here. Sure, they decided they were not going to like The PC but they broke that promise and all is well with them. Why should girl world be so destructive? At this age, friends are a girls whole life. All this is doing is reinforcing that it is not okay to be human for Alicia. Her world will crash if she does.

The NPC goes down to the room that they earned from Skye last year. It is now a locker room for boys. Massie has the girls recite a pledge promising total devotion to the NPC and to ignore boys completely. Friends first and foremost.

Okay, at this age friends will sell their souls to stay part of the group. Having them pledge something such as this only makes them as insecure as they already are. All five are insecure and something like this adds to the problem. Please, talk to tweens about true friendship and that people needing space is normal.

The next day the school decides to divide students into two separate groups. One will take classes in the main building while the other group will go out to trailers. Alicia and Josh come up with a plan where they will be housed in the main building and away from The NPC. This way Alicia can like Josh and not fear losing her friends.

Should it even come to this? I think the writing is on the wall here.

The NPC (except Alicia) are housed in the trailers and are not happy. Massie uses this as a way to get back on top. The first day she notices all of the LBR's and forms names for them which gives the NPC more reason to be nasty.

Has anyone noticed that according to Massie everyone but The PC are LBR's. Me thinks she does this to maintain control over her friends. Yet these girls live in fear and will not come together and stand up to her!

The local news shows up the next day to do a story on the merging of the schools and that they are in two different sections of the school. However, the story gets lost in the translation and it comes across as important kids are in the main building while disabled kids are in trailers. Alicia is interviewed for the story and is wearing Josh's Yankees cap as she forgets to take it off. Later that evening the girls are at GLU Headquarters watching this segment. Massie is furious that Alicia was wearing Josh's cap and that she thought Alicia was trying to make them out to look like losers on camera. So, Alicia is forced to turn in her charm bracelet and is banned from the NPC. The bracelet is thrown in the fire place.

You know, Massie is asking a lot of her friends. She is demanding they always look good, they are not allowed to make mistakes and are not allowed to be human. What has happened to Alicia is devastating. Losing your friends at this age is like an adult losing a job, house and their family all at once. The stress is that intense. These girls are learning to fear being human and normal. Claire chews her fingernails to the quick. It is how she deals with these problems.

Massie decides to give the trailers a makeover and of course not consulting anyone as to what they think. On the inside she decorates it like the inside of a Tiffany's box and the outside is like the outside of a Tiffany's box. Also, Massie starts to develop a crush on a boy named Dempsey.

A-ha! Massie is being human also. What happened to pledging ones life to her and the PC? Oh wait, rules don't apply to Massie, I forgot. These trailers are a hit, even the teachers like them. So, this has put Massie back on top again. However, parents begin to complain because they do not fork out so much money to send their kids to school and they not get to be in the trailers also. Lawsuit threats start to fly and the school decides to have a contest to see who should be in the trailers or in the main building.

Alicia misses her friends. She wants back into the group as the NPC are ignoring her completely or calling her an LBR. Alicia will do anything to get back in. So, Massie says she can be in if Alicia will rig the contest. Massie wants to be with Dempsey and so when Alicia announces the winner at the friday night school party, she has the NPC in the main building and the "LBR's" in the trailers. Once again, Massie is every one's hero and Alicia is back in the NPC. The boy fast is now off.

You know what, it is interesting that since Massie started liking a boy the boyfast was over. These Queens never cease to amaze me. Its all about them and people follow them so blindly. As for Massie being wonderful again, the others think she did them a favor when the whole time it was all to benefit her. Alicia was risking everything to cater to Massie and what she wanted. She lied and manipulated and once again, these girls are learning to lie, cheat, steal and get rewarded. No wonder our society is in the dumper!

This book gives us an opening into how far a Queen Bee will go to remain Queen. Also, we are starting to see what happens when she falls off her throne. The next book should be a real eye opener.

Disclaimer: I do not own these books. They belong to Lisi Harrison and the folks over at Poppy Books.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Sealed with a Diss

Well, The PC did it. They now have the ah-mazing room for 8th grade. Also, they must bring A-list boys to Skye's end of the year bash. Massie schemes to get Skye set up with Chris Abeley. Also, they spy from the room on the boys at Briarwood during a sharing class from a device in the room that is hidden in a stuffed bear in the boys classroom. Damage is done to Briarwood and OCD will have boys the next school year. The boys wind up getting angry at The PC in the end. Again, we are here to focus on Relational Aggression so here we go.

The PC and Layne are at GLU Headquarters which is the spa on the Block Estate. Layne is there because she and Claire were suppose to study math but wires were crossed in communication. So, while Layne is there The PC texts in front of her and talk badly about her.

Texting itself in front of others is rude! This is nothing more than mean behavior on The PCs part. The good thing is that Layne is not affected because she knows how they behave and she does not want to be a part of the group. She was only there killing time. Once again, manners gone bad.

Skye, who is the 8th grade Queen Bee stops Massie in the school halls. She wants to make sure Massie comes through on her date with Chris or Massie will be sorry. Oh and lets not forget that Skye is wearing a tiara!

Threats are threats bottom line. Skye has threatened Massie right here. This tiara is only a symbol of the power she has over others. Once again, power is an issue and Skye is throwing it around in her threats.

Massie has organized the complete day of the party. She has made a video and step by step on what they are to wear, do their hair and make-up, how to act and basically exist. If someone does not obey then they are to go bald to the party. No exceptions!

Okay, I would think at 12-years-old that one would be able to choose what to wear and how to dress in general. Is something wrong with this picture? Another threat and that is if they do not obey then they go bald? Once again Massie is controlling and once again her friends are feeding her power. Is it worth it? What happens when these girls grow up? Cater to another Queen Bee? These social roles are sick and make sure your child does not fall into them.

This is a short entry as the book dealt more with boy/girl relationships than Relational Aggression. However, I did want to point out the places this was occurring.

Disclaimer: I do not own these books or characters. They belong to Lisi Harrison and Poppy Books.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

It's Not Easy Being Mean

Everyone is back in Westchester and The PC are back at OCD. Claire is talking to her agent concerning her future career. Massie, Alicia and Dylan join the soccer team. Also, the 8th grade secret room is up for grabs as 7th grade girls go around trying to find the key that opens the door to the room. Where is the key? It is hidden under the mattress of a boys room. The first to find wins the room.

Claire has stalkers and people are buying her personal things from Tiny Nathan and Todd. Massie not only reminds the girls that people love The PC but also want to be The PC and that they still look for flaws in them.

Claire having stalkers is weird. However, my concern here is Massie believing everyone wants to be The PC. This is a good indication of high self-esteem and another indication of narcissism in the making. Parents and adults, encourage good healthy self-esteem in your children but do not have them develop egos that are too big for their own good. This child does not have low self anything! This is a HUGE myth with these abusers. It is important to know this.

Claire mentions having to see her agent in Manhattan. This makes Massie angry and she wants to smack her. Why? Because that she be her and not Claire.

Here we go again. The wrath of Massie and her feelings of entitlement in how she treats her friends. Talk to your kids about how a friend encourages others but also talk to them about rubbing good things in the face of others. This is a huge problem in girls. Someone has something good happen to them and others get angry and jealous. So, the person rubs their good news in to the others to make them jealous. How can anyone be happy for someone when they are intentionally trying to anger them? At the same time, good things come to all of us and we all will get our chance. Good things come to those who wait.

On the first day back to school, everyone is so excited to see The PC back at OCD. Before entering the building, Massie lines The PC up against the building and does a wardrobe check. Claire does not want to show Massie what she is wearing as anyone who rates below a 7 has to walk 3 paces behind the rest of the group. So, Claire is walking 3 paces behind the others through the halls. Once they walk down the hall everyone cheers and claps. Massie has purple balloons taped to her locker. Also, Us Weekly articles about the movie and their trip to Los Angeles. There are even old articles on Celebrities and their daughters with Dylan and her mother. Claire is signing autographs and other PC members are signing things for others. Of course, this annoys them and they shoo their fans away.

Once again, the power is given to a group of mean girls and their entitlement is starting to soar. I would have hoped that the others at school would have been glad to go to school without being abused on a daily basis. Once again, these girls do not have low self-esteem and behavior like this creates monsters. I understand Claire signing autographs but Massie and the others? What did they do?

At lunch, table eighteen is roped off with purple ribbon. The crafts club made them pillows to put in their chairs. They love the attention but Massie is getting bored. She knows she is loved and ah-dored but is also annoyed because people liked seeing Claire in the movie. Despite everyone making the effort to try to welcome them back, they are annoyed with people stopping by. Also, Massie keeps calling them LBR's under her breath when they stop by. She even yells "Enough! We are in the middle of something, okay?" and when Layne stops by to see Claire Massie coughs L Alicia B Dylan R while Kristen giggles.

We are seeing more of the monsters being created here. Why are these kids wasting their time? They are all learning that being bad, rude, disrespectful and nasty to others is a good thing. The way they are treating Layne is horrible. Again, you want your children to be like Layne. She is the one who is healthy here. All anyone is doing here is creating monsters in these girls. They have power and use it in the wrong way. Talk to children about being good leaders. These girls are leaders by nature but are corrupt ones.

Massie and her friends are in the school chapel. They run into Kora and Penelope. They want to know why Massie and her friends are there and Massie lets them know that she was there praying because she lost her keys. However, it did not work because Penelope is still annoying. Alicia snarls for them to leave and they refuse to. Massie reminds Kora peed in her sleeping bag at a sleepover in 3rd grade and will not have any trouble letting everyone know if they do not leave. The girls leave the chapel.

Was this necessary? A chapel is big enough for everyone and the other girls were there first. I like how they stood up to them at first by asking why they were there. Also, by initially refusing to leave. Massie once again resorts to blackmail to get what she wants. Does anyone want our children to grow up and corrupt others? Newsflash, it is happening all the time and people wonder why others behave in such a manner? It starts here with these people as children. They have power and abuse it. Please catch this early on so they don't grow up to be corrupt.

The next morning Alicia, Dylan and Massie show up at soccer practice. They make their own outfits which everyone adores. So, Dylan starts taking orders so others can purchase one for themselves. Plus, they get a warm welcome to the team. In return, The PC mumbles "LBR's" under their breaths. Kori fell and hurt herself and The PC thinks its funny. Also at one point, Massie reassures The PC that the rules that apply to the others on the team do not apply to them.

BINGO! We have a winner! Rules don't apply to them? I have said it all along and that is when giving power to people who do not deserve it, it only gives them a greater sense of entitlement. These girls are proud of themselves and everyone around them just keep feeding them more power. This is done by purchasing what they are wearing and giving such a warm ovation to the team. Why is it funny when someone falls and hurts themselves? The lack of empathy is crystal clear here. They have no respect whatsoever for anyone else and it is showing by calling them LBR's. Is anyone else seeing what is wrong with this picture?

The girls are hiding behind a bush at Briarwood trying to figure out how to get the key to the 8th grade room. Massie starts abusing by Claire by making fun of her eyebrows. Also, her hat, glasses and other things. She states that what Claire looks like is an LBR and whoever does not find the key will look like an LBR like Claire. Then the subject changes and Claire is so happy they have stopped abusing her.

What? Claire needs to get away from these girls and quickly. This child is taking all of this in and it will stay with her for many years. She is learning that friends abuse and when they stop, it means she has done something right. Friends do not abuse friends!

Massie finds out that Claire has lied to her about Cam and a visiting relative. So, she kicks her out of The PC and Claire is beyond devastated. So, she goes to Layne's house where Layne cheers her up. It turns out that the key everyone is looking for is under Chris's bed. Claire and Layne call The PC at Massies and let them know they have the key. Also, they are willing to negotiate terms for having the key.

Okay, it is evident that Layne really is not all that interested in having this key. At the same time, I appreciate how she is not just feeding these girls what they want but making them negotiate. This is what I like about Layne and that is she does not cater to these abusers and put them on pedestals. This results in Claire being admitted back into The PC. I am still trying to understand why she even wants to be a part in the first place. Oh wait, the power and glory everyone give them. She wants that also. Folks, Layne is the emotionally healthy and well adjusted character here. She is not dying to belong to The PC like Claire is. She sees these girls for what they are and as a result she stays away from them. Most importantly, she has a mind of her own and tries to get along with everyone and is comfortable in her own skin. THIS is healthy behavior! Talk to children about aiming towards having these social skills before any others.
Disclaimer: I do not own these books or these characters. They belong to Lisi Harrison and the people at Poppy Books.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dial L for Loser

The Pretty Committee has been expelled from OCD for breaking the rules on the Lake Placid trip. During their "hiatus" Dylan gets them on her mothers show The Daily Grind where they meet a couple of A list actors. This leads to Massie, Alicia and Claire going to Hollywood to audition for a movie Dial L for Loser. Kristen and Dylan stay behind in Westchester.

The girls are at the mall during school hours. Kristen has been punished and is to be studying on her own during the day. Claire's parents are looking into public school. Dylan is not punished because her mother blamed herself for traumatizing Dylan by kissing her teacher. Alicia's father is ready to sue the school if they do not let her back in. Massie's parents have said as long as she does something educational with her time then all is well.

Once again, Dylan is not traumatized. Alicia's father is not holding her responsible at all. It sounds as if Massie's parents are just being negligent. Kristen and Claire's parents are doing the right thing. If this keeps up, these three will be full blown embezzlers and other white collar criminals. We have a problem with accountability in this nation and this is one reason why.

At OCD, a protest is held by students to let The Pretty Committee back in the school. Layne has been pitching for Claire to come back. Strawberry and Kori have started their own circle called Da Crew. Some tennis girls have started a club called The Country Club. Now that The PC is gone these groups are clamouring to be the top clique at school.

First off, why would any one want people around who treat them terribly? The PC has no interest in any one else so why are these people fighting for them to come back? I can understand Layne wanting Claire back as they are friends. I am glad Strawberry and Kori have moved on and are not fighting for these girls to come back. However, forming a clique to be on top? Do you see how The PC is influencing others around them? I say the same about the girls from The Country Club. Where do you think these other girls are learning this behavior?

The Pretty Committee go to the set of The Daily Grind and meet Abby Boyd and Hadley Durk. These are the hottest actresses in Hollywood and are to be working on a movie together. However, they dislike one another in real life. During the interview with Merri-lee, these two actresses fight and Hadley quits the movie. Massie's cell phone gets lost and the Director, Rupert, gets it. He wants to replace Hadley with a unknown fresh face actress. A tabloid show airs on television later in the evening and Rupert is holding up the phone and asking the owner to call it and he will talk to her about being in the movie.

Wow! A kid gets expelled from school and instead of punished she gets to audition for a movie! Has anyone noticed that bad behavior is rewarded? Parents, do I even need to say it? Talk to your kids about how this is wrong and on so many levels.

Massie and The PC send out a online newsletter to "their fans." They exaggerate their visit to The Daily Grind as a way to make everyone jealous. Also, to remind Da Crew and The Country Club who is on top at the school.

This is classic narcissistic behavior. The need to be admired and to make everyone want what they have when nine times out of ten it is exaggeration. If anyone encounters someone who does a lot of embellishing and bragging, do your self a favor and walk away. Better yet suggest they get into therapy. I am serious here. As for fans, once again, stop feeding a bully! The only way a bully reigns is when you give them that power. As you see here, we have a narcissist in the making. You are hurting them twice as much as you are hurting yourself and others around you.

Claire, Massie, their mothers and Alicia go to Los Angeles to audition. On the way to the audition, Massie lets Claire know that she will not get the part. Well, Claire does get the part which angers Alicia and Massie. During the wardrobe fitting, Massie says hurtful things to Claire like Cam will dump her, Claire was allergic to make-up, there will be other movies for losers and the Dial L for Loser crew will find out what a loser she really is. The wardrobe lady steps up and asks Massie if she is Claire's best friend. Massie affirms and the wardrobe lady thought she had a funny way of showing it by saying hurtful things to her. Alicia laughs and Massie blows it off. In Massies mind, Claire deserved it because she got the part.

Okay, for starters, Massie's verbal abuse (no not bullying but full on verbal abuse) was uncalled for. Claire did not deserve this at all. I am glad the lady in wardrobe caught on and spoke up. Parents, please do the same! Kids, do not take this from anyone. Claire took this out of fear. She knew she was in trouble when she beat Massie for getting the part. Claire is developing a lot of resentment and anxiety from all of this. These put downs, if heard enough will eventually create anxiety issues within her along with the low self-esteem she is suffering as a result of her friendship with Massie. If a friend is treating you this way then they are not a real friend but an abuser. Get away from them and take their power with you! Massie gets away with this because instead of standing up to her people feed her.

Back at the hotel, Massie tells Claire to tell her assistant to find her a set of new friends.

At this point, Claire should move on. She does not need this treatment. A real friend will support and not abuse her.

Massie and Alicia become behind the scenes reporters for The Daily Grind for the movie. During an interview, Massie announces that she will playing a loser named Molly in the movie. "You should see her, she is a real natural" says Massie.

Parental intervention is needed yesterday here. These girls are expelled from school and are in Hollywood and part of a movie? No punishment? Instead of enjoying her time in the movie, Claire is a nervous wreck. Massie and Alicia once again take their power and abuse Claire. Why is Dylan's mother even allowing this on the air? Why isn't Claire's mother stepping in or Massie's for that matter? Kristen is probably the only one that is learning any lesson from being expelled from school.

Claire decides to go out on the town one night with Abby and Connor who are also in the movie. Massie called and asked what her plans were but she blew Massie off and went out with the other two instead.

Can you blame her? Who wants to listen to a night time of put downs and insults? Finally, she is away from these two and enjoying herself even though she knows she will pay later. Claire has done nothing wrong legally. Yet, she feels as if she is sitting with a death sentence hanging over her head. Does anyone understand why this child is a chronic nail biter?

Massie learns from Abby that Claire has a crush on her co-star Connor. In reality she doesn't but Abby has to hide the fact that she and Connor are a couple in real life and have to keep it out of the press. So, she gives Massie this information. Massie uses it and goes to a local pharmacy and buys all sorts of things that will humiliate Claire when they do an interview. Once on the air in Claire's trailer, Alicia and Massie start pulling things out of Claire's trash like Pepto-Bismol for bad nerves, Oxycream for a bad zit problem, Listerine for bad breath, Depends for bladder control problems, Rogaine for baldness, Head and Shoulders for dandruff and other products which they themselves put in there before going on the air.

If I were part of this movie or The Daily Grind I would have had these girls removed permanently. This is outright slander and very common in our nation. We hide behind free speech in order to sabotage others. With friends like these girls who needs enemies? Where is the empathy? Concern or respect?

Later in the day, Connor finds Claire crying. Connor wonders where Claire gets her motivation for crying and Claire points to Alicia and Massie stating it is them that is making her cry. So Connor asks Massie to help him cry like Claire and Abby steps up and says that by hanging around Massie he will learn a lot about ruining others lives and crying buckets. Massie states there is never bad press. Claire says there is such a thing as bad friends. Massie twists things and states Claire is a loser and a drama queen.

Finally! FINALLY! Claire stands up to Massie. However, in front of Connor and Abby. Props to Abby for standing up to Massie and Alicia. Of course, Massie excused her behavior with the bad press comment and turned the tables on Claire calling her a loser and a drama queen. This child is manipulative, never takes responsibility and is learning to twist situations and blame. Bullies ALWAYS spin things. Talk to them sometime and listen to them. Do not let them do this to you. Claire does not have the strength to stand up to Massie on her own. Her self-esteem is low and it is showing. Massie and Alicia are jealous but hardly suffer from low self esteem or self worth. If they were, they would not have pulled the stunts they have pulled so far.

Claire learns Alicia and Massie are invited to Connors to swim. Connor uses this as a cover up to hide his relationship with Abby. Claire knows about the secret relationship but withholds the information from the other girls. While at Connors, the paparazzi are hiding in bushes and snap a picture of them in unflattering positions.

Finally! These two girls are getting some come-uppance. Of course, they are angry and feel this should not have been printed. So, it's okay to humiliate Claire live but not them? Classic bullies! Parents, talk to your kids about how what comes around goes around. Also, teach them to have some respect for others! These girls have no concern for anyone else but themselves and its showing!

On set, Claire is in a scene where she is suppose to kiss Connor. She is not doing it because of Cam. This gets her in trouble with the crew and Alicia and Massie are happy. So, Claire kisses him the next time and Abby gets jealous. She tells Claire she is acting like a porn star and the girls all high five each other.

This is not real life but a part in a movie. These girls are horrible to each other. They have no values, understanding of true friendship and down right catty. We have problems developing here such as narcissism, social anxiety and flat out abuse. Get out of these situations and quickly.

Claire asks her assistant to have Massie and Alicia removed from the set. This angers the girls further as they are escorted off the premises by security.

Finally! Those girls should have been escorted off a long time ago. Instead of feeling happy Claire is miserable as she knows she will pay for this later on. Friends should not fear one another. Where are the adults in all of this?

Claire calls Cam later and finds him angry. When Claire kissed Connor, Massie took a picture with her cell phone and sent it to him.

Now we have cyber-bullying in our midst. Again, Claire needs to break away from these girls but does not have the self-esteem to do so. She fears them and fears being deemed a loser at school. This is why she puts up with them and takes their abuse.

At the end, the girls make up and get Connor back. It turns out that he had no interest in Alicia or Massie and they overhear him say so. Massie helps get Claire and Cam back together. A party is held in their honor when they get home from everyone at the school and parents. Also, the girls are admitted back into OCD under the condition that they participate in extra curricular activities. Everyone is happy at this news.

Why are these girls getting a party? Claire should have gotten one as she got the part. These other two? What these girls need is therapy, not rewards! Parents, be aware of your child and what happens with their friends. They are learning social skills at this point and you want them to grow up and be healthy. This environment is NOT healthy! Does anyone see the psychological problems developing here? Claire should probably be shopping around for anti-anxiety medication hoping this will not develop into full blown depression. Massie and Alicia are in need of behavior modification. I am serious here. I know this is just a book. However, it is also a reflection of our society and what is out there today. I talk to parents all the time about their elementary age children being diagnosed with Bi-Polar illness, Social Anxiety, PTSD and other problems. What is creating all of this? Behavior like this! Please, get involved with your children and give them guidance in these areas. If your child is a bully, crawl out of denial and help him or her before it is too late! Lisi has mentioned somewhere that she got the inspiration for these books from adults she worked with. No, not children but adults who should have known better! Thanks for reading.....

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, stories or books. They belong to Lisi Harrison and the folks at Poppy Books. I am using them for educational purposes only.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Pretty Committee Strikes Back

The students of OCD and Briarwood are going on an overnight field trip to Lake Placid. This is for educational purposes only. Kristen cannot afford to go so she sneaks up instead. A bit of come-uppance comes to the PC in this book.

Massie has decided to have an underground kissing clinic which she calls MUCK (Massie's Underground Clinic for Kissing). This is her way of being the center of attention since Nina has left Westchester and returned to Spain. In Massies eyes they are suppose to idolize her and not Nina. The Friday before they leave for their trip, everyone meets in the OCD Serenity Chapel. This includes The PC, Olivia Ryan (Alicia's friend), Layne Abeley (Claire's friend and the most likable character in this book) and some girls named Livvy, Carrie and Alexandra. These other girls outside of The PC, with the exception of Layne, are thrilled to be part of MUCK.

First off, why does Massie need to always be on top? Why does there even need to be a top? Once again, Massies narcissism is getting the best of her. The best friend anyone could have out of these girls is Layne Abeley. Shes smart, friendly, has a good social conscience, feels good about herself (unlike these other girls) and stands up to Massie. She is not a follower but her own person. If anyone is not an LBR its Layne. As for LBR, according to The PC this means loser beyond repair. We begin to learn of this term and what it means at this point. Girls, please find friends who are similar to Layne. Shes anything but an LBR. Parents, talk to your children about calling other kids losers. Its wrong and the loser behavior belongs to those who even use this terminology.

Massie is charging $20 for the MUCK session. She knows nothing about kissing boys and like most bullies is not only lying but cheating these other girls out of their money. After Massie passes around glossip girl lip gloss, she gives the bad tasting ones to the girls. Alexandra makes a comment about her lip gloss tasting like meat and the guys will want to kiss her after wearing it. Dylan has to make a comment about her being a stray dog.

Massie is learning here how to lie and steal to get what she wants. She has lied about kissing boys as she has no experience. Also, is taking money from these girls. Adult bullies are well versed in this behavior. To the world, this would be considered a scam. As for Dylan, she really needed to keep her mouth shut. These girls do not need to be horrible to one another. Its not cool nor should it be acceptable.

Massie organizes the whole trip for The PC. The girls follow her as usual and not use minds of their own. They are told what they can and cannot wear on their trip.

Once again, these girls will not think for themselves. I hear people complain about the mean girls in women. However, this behavior is acceptable?? Girls, make up your own minds about things and parents, teach them to think for themselves!

Claire's brother Todd has a toy dog named Aibo. He and his friend Tiny Nathan are playing outside with it and Bean, Massie's pug dog hear them in the yard. Massie sets Bean loose to go out in the yard and attack the toy. Claire urged Massie to go down and put a stop to Bean tearing up Todd's dog but Massie was enjoying watching the action in the yard. After the attack Massie calls Bean back inside and she comes bringing the tail of the dog.

Massie's lack of empathy and what we are seeing a lack of conscience is evident here. Why is she enjoying watching her dog tear up a toy that Todd loves? Sure, we can say oh its just a toy but I find this behavior disturbing. Parental intervention is highly needed here. Massie needs to be punished and told to buy Todd a new dog. Not to mention apologize. Claire does have a conscience and plus this was her brother. Yet Massie was not about to stop her fun.

At the campsite, Massie claims the biggest closet for herself. Nobody is arguing with her because they are all too busy catering to her and idolizing her. All except Layne who sees her for what she is. A mean girl and a bully!

Do I even need to say it? Another example of feeding a bully and creating a monster.

Alicia gets even with Claire for kissing Josh at the end of the last book. Claire is upset because Cam is not talking to her.

Again, I am not going to focus on the boy/girl dynamic in this blog. I understand Alicia's anger; its normal in these situations. A girl likes a boy and her friend kisses him. However, revenge is not the answer. Girls, take a few deep breaths and go to your friend and ask what happened. What you see is not always what you get. You do not need to threaten to beat her up or seek revenge. Parents, talk to your kids about talking problems out with each other so they do not go to this level. There is no communication here between anyone (boys included) and as a result, there are a group of miserable kids based on assumptions and not getting the whole story.

Dylan catches her mother kissing her teacher in the cabin. She runs off into the woods and the other four girls follow her. They wind up getting lost in the woods and return to camp 5 hours later. The PC are expelled after this stunt. It was against the rules to take off like they did and they broke a rule. The reactions? Alicia will blame the teachers for losing them and talks lawsuit. Dylan says she is traumatized because she saw her mother and teacher kissing each other. Kristen will sue the school for discrimination against the poor and had to sneak up there. If she had not been discriminated against in the first place, she would not have had to lie to her parents and go up there on her own. As for the other students? They are really upset that The PC is being expelled and plan to fight the school on this decision.

Finally! It is about time these girls are held accountable for their actions! The rules did state that they were not allowed to go into the woods and expulsion would be the result. They broke the rule and are not treated like the crown princesses they have always been treated like. Do you see the result? One threatens a lawsuit. Alicia would not win in a court of law because the rules were outlined. Our courts today are too caught up in trivia like this and real cases needing to be heard are backlogged. Dylan was not traumatized; she was upset and that I can understand. Nobody wants a parent with their teacher as its uncomfortable for them. But traumatized? Give me a break! As for Kristen, well, it was not discrimination as the school had to do what they had to do. Maybe they could have done something for scholarship students but it was not their decision to do this. Plus, this was not a mandatory trip. As for the students being upset, they should be glad they can finally breathe and go to school, be individuals and exist in a healthy environment for a change! All they are doing is creating bigger monsters in these girls. Stop feeding them! Please! Why do you think these girls are so mean to begin with? Its power and by getting upset because they were punished accordingly just gives more power to them to be mean and hurtful to others.

Thanks for reading and will be back next week with the next two installments.

Take Care,

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters and am just using them for educational purposes only. They belong to Lisi Harrison and Poppy Books.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Invasion of the Boy Snatchers

Alicias' cousin Nina is coming to Westchester from Spain. She attends OCD with Alicia and The Pretty Committee. Nina enrolls in the 8th grade and is a hit at school. This of course angers Massie. Dylan and Kristen think Nina is great. However, Nina pulls some dirty tricks which leads to revenge on the part of The PC.

This book begins with Claire and Massie's families having dinner at the local country club. Claire finds out her family may be moving to Chicago which upsets Claire, Massie and their families. However, Mr. Lyons changes his mind and the Lyons family moves in with the Blocks. This means Claire and Massie will share a bedroom. Massie has Claire sleep in the bath tub and Claire is not able to shower and care for herself properly. Despite this, she still wants to be in The PC. Massie also states at this point that she gets everything she wants and if she wants Claire to stay in Westchester then she will.

Parents, please talk to your children about sharing and compromising. Also, about "getting everything they want." You spoil your children when they are young and they start to expect everyone else do to the same. Its not a realistic way of living. You create monsters out of them. Also, again, if your child is in the position that Claire is in above, please discourage the friendship. Relationships (healthy ones) are not made of one person doing all of the giving while another one takes. Claire is learning here to sacrifice her own basic needs to be liked by Massie!

At this point, the other friends Alicia, Dylan and Kristen are getting jealous of the friendship between Claire and Massie. Massie gets annoyed and does not want to deal with their insecurities.

Oh dear, these relationship situations are lethal. A group of friends exist and a new friend comes into the picture. At first, it tends to lead to jealousy and that is normal. People do not like to be replaced by other people and this is more of a problem in children. Instead of your child "getting annoyed" by the feelings of the others talk to your child about working together to make the change as smooth as possible. Yes, Massie and Claire are friends but Massie should help the other three get to know Claire as well. This situation right here jump starts insecurities in girls and their relationships with each other. If your child is a newbie, explain the others have known one another longer and its important to get to know all of the girls and not just one. At this point, parents need to step in and do what they can to bring the girls together. Learn to be inclusive and not exclusive. Yes, some things are "life" but you want your children to have healthy social skills too.

At school after coming back from winter break, a kiosk is set up at the school called Virgins where they sell virgin drinks to students. Before the opening, the Pretty Committee is standing at the front of the line and of course, they get to have free drinks.

Once again, that sense of entitlement is there. All the PC is learning here is that they are entitled and should have free drinks while everyone else has to pay. What have they done to deserve this? Please, talk to your children about favoritism and how rules apply to everyone unless its a coupon or contest. The PC once again is learning that they do not have to follow rules and are special for no reason.

Alicia's cousin Nina has arrived and she is popular with the other girls. Being a year older she knows more about boys and other teenage things. This angers Massie and she feels it steals her thunder.

First of all, there should be no thunder to steal. By giving Massie power the other girls are creating a monster here. Does anyone here see the monster developing in Massie? Yes, she is insecure but there are other ways to deal with these situations. Parents, talk to your children about this. Massie's narcissism is developing in spades here. If a new student comes to school, welcome them and not try to hurt them.
Massie has a sleepover and Alicia's mother made her bring Nina which upsets Massie. At the sleepover, Kristen is getting along with Nina so Massie has to insult her new haircut to bring her down a few notches for being friendly with her. Again, Massie reinforces in front of Nina that the sleepovers are exclusive and not to let this happen again. Of course, Massie and Nina do not get along the whole evening.

The last thing on your child's mind at this point should be getting caught up in any power struggles. Alicia's mother should have called Massie's before Nina even came to the sleepover. In the first book Massie's mother got involved and had her invite Claire when she first moved to town. Kristen also did the right thing in trying to get along with Nina. Please, talk to your children about new students at school and how it is important to welcome them. Also, about how they would feel if in their shoes. Also, Massie was wrong for putting Kristen down because she was getting along with Nina.

There is a Valentines dance coming up with the brother school Briarwood Academy. Its a boy/girl dance and we learn that Claire likes Cam, Massie likes Derrington and Alicia likes Josh. We also learn that Nina wants the boys to herself. So, she tells these boys that to win a soccer championship that they must avoid these girls at all costs until the championship game. This of course leads to the boys ignoring the girls and leaves a lot of confusion as a result.

Okay, parents before your child even thinks about boys, please talk to them! I am not going to focus on the boy/girl dynamic with this blog but want to point out that Nina here is behaving just as badly as Massie. She is enjoying the attention of the boys and wants to keep it to herself. This is also wrong.

The living arrangement between the Lyons and the Blocks is getting frustrating. This goes with people living with each other and is normal. We also learn from Alicia at this point that it was her fault that Massie was doing badly in math the year before according to Massie's mother.

Oh goodness......the "my spoiled child does no wrong and it is everyone else's fault" problem. Parents, grow up! Your child is not perfect and what she does away from you much of the time is not what you are aware of. This is classic in spoiled children. Massie doing bad in math was her own fault, not Alicia's! Teach your children responsibility! Alicia is being held responsible for something she is not doing. We wonder why people today cannot accept responsibility for their own actions? Hello!

The PC is trying to find ways to bring Nina down. Seeking revenge because the boys are paying attention to her and not them. Claire is trying and wracking her brain to develop good ideas to bring this girl down. She is making herself nuts over it.

Okay, children need to be learning how to settle their own problems and work through them, I agree. However, not to the point of affecting them in a negative way. At this point, Alicia's mother needs to step in and talk to Nina about being selfish. The other girls do not need to seek revenge. By seeking revenge, a person is going to just wind up hurting themselves in the long run. This stuff backfires if anyone has not noticed. Once again, they have encountered problems that are over their heads and too big to handle. We wonder why our children are so stressed out? As for Claire, I would have stopped trying to be accepted a long time ago. This child is developing anxiety problems as a result of this. Massie makes her sleep in a tub, she is lacking in basic needs and still wants to be liked? She needs to spend more time with Layne Abeley. She's the best friend she's got. It sure would save her mental health wise.

By getting back at Nina, they learn she is a kleptomaniac. She has stolen items like Kristen's bike lock, a keychain and other items belonging to other girls at the school. Alicia, Claire and Massie break into the boys locker room and find these items in there with Nina's things. Massie wants to win the cupid award so badly with Derrington and this is another excuse for revenge.

Um, stealing is illegal in this country. Parental involvement should have happened a long time ago. When someone is stressed and in over their head, they look to these tactics to seek revenge. Where is the guidance? If a child is in over her head, she needs guidance from a parent! Once again, they are learning unhealthy ways in solving problems. Break rules and laws to do it.

At the dance, Nina is the center of attention with the boys. She monopolizes them and the girls have a plan in action for revenge. Massie gets Todd and Tiny Nathan to saw off a heel on Nina's shoe. When she stands up she will fall with uneven heels. When Alicia announces the cupid award and it is Nina and Derrington who wins. Once the couple arrives on stage, Alicia takes the stolen items and dumps them on Nina. Also, she has taken old photos of Nina which are not flattering and made copies and throwing them everywhere for everyone to see. They have been named "braces and zits, frizzy afro, opps my dog thinks I am lame and other undesirable names. At this point, everyone is mad at Nina. Security is called and she is taken by them to the airport to fly back to Spain.

I do not even know where to begin here. Nina could have been seriously hurt with the uneven shoes. Why were Todd and Tiny Nathan not punished? Why was Alicia not punished for her dumping the photos with cruel remarks on them all over the place? Same with the stolen items. Yes, Nina got what she deserved and was sent home to Spain. Security took care of Nina. She was punished accordingly. The PC once again got away with bad behavior. Claire, Alicia and Massie were not doing things for any greater good. They sought revenge instead. At this point, they needed to be punished. Alicia should have been punished for dumping the photos and stolen items. Once again, we learn that rules don't apply to them. Please, help your children problem solve and when things get to be too much, talk to them about telling you what is going on.

Parents, please know I am not trying to tell you how to raise your childen. I am trying to give insight into the relational aggression here and how unhealthy these relationships between tween girls can get. These are problems that can get to be too much for them and adults need to step in at this point. Its food for thought more than anything. Thanks for reading and will be back on Thursday with the next blog post. Have a good week.....

Take Care,